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Productivity authority, Adam Strong’s latest book examines the link between physical and mental health and business performance. Just a bit of time spent on keeping fit can result in success at work, through increased levels of energy and focus. The techniques discussed in the book are suitable for any business, no matter what size. Discover how setting goals, in the same way elite athletes do, can make your organisation more agile, efficient and competitive.


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Based on his own experiences as a former elite athlete, Adam Strong takes the lessons he learnt from training with the likes of Mo Farah and applies them to the world of business.

In his latest book, Fit Body – Fit Business, Adam reveals the link between being physically and mentally fit and success in the workplace. Looking after your health can help you be more focused and energised when it comes to business, giving your company that competitive edge.

The techniques discussed in the book are suitable for any business, from large multinationals to small start-ups and are designed to help organisations reach “Gold Medal” standards. Even for those companies who are performing well, following Adam’s goal-setting techniques will help them reach new heights, enabling them to become faster, more agile and efficient.

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