The Game Changers

“Your invitation to The Game Changers’ Summit”

The world feels wrong right now doesn’t it?

The Cronavirus is impacting everything and everyone. Causing isolation, potential physical and mental health problems and economies hitting a huge, solid wall of fear and panic.

When will it end? And what will the world be like when it does?

I’m Adam Strong and I help six figure business owners improve their focus, increase productivity and create business growth using the same success principals as Olympic winning athletes.

As a former elite athlete (Sir Mo Farah, the current World/ Olympic champion was my former training partner) I’ve found key strategies that business owners and entrepreneurs can use to get them through this period of fear and uncertainty.

My belief is if we all use the power of collaboration to work together we can all whether the storm.

Many of my clients feel that the future has suddenly become a scary place. How can they move forward feeling like that?

The truth is they can’t. And neither can yours.

Our clients are in desperate need of help. Of hope.

Who’s going to do that? Well, hopefully, we’ll do it together.

The Game Changers’ Summit

I recently had an idea to bring together top experts from a range of callings to help entrepreneurs see the opportunities this present chaos can offer, instead of 24/7 doom and gloom news.

The ‘Game Changers’ Summit’ was born to give hope!

It’s been created to serve business owners and entrepreneurs who want to develop an empowered mindset, a workable plan for the future and build a sustainable business.

I started by teaming up with two others (Elliott Kay and Sean Toal) and believe me, we’ll be working around the clock to get this summit launched!

We want to create and deliver a series of interviews with some of the biggest influencers and industry change makers from around the world to serve and help others right now.

The time is now because the need is great.

If my message resonates with you and your values match our calling, then why not join us?

Have any questions?

We are building this out in real-time so naturally you’ll have questions beyond this document, let’s jump on a call so we can see how we can work together, book a call here.


  • Each pre-recorded session is based on your area of expertise and will be released concurrently on a daily basis. This is to make things more streamlined and increase the likelihood of clients fitting it into their day. We’ll also be sending out clips on social media via Facebook and Linkedin.
  • Interview sessions will be hosted through Zoom with recordings being made available after editing and on request, you’ll receive the recording if you wish.
  • Each speaker will have a full landing page to place bio, services, title of the talk, benefits of why the audience should listen, space for giveaways and offers linking out to your website and social media profiles.
  • Email series to attendees i.e. new workshop announced, we’re about to start, the recording is available here.
  • Promotional assets; branding and marketing guidance will be provided to all speakers.
  • Affiliate signup, provision of unique links and analytics for speakers and non-speakers.
  • We anticipate we’ll release a new episode everyday, starting on April 27th 2020 for 30 days.
  • All content, promotions and sessions will be moderated by me and my team and I reserve the right to remove speakers or content from the agenda.

The Content

The event itself is free to watch for 72 hours for those who sign up – after that time there will be a fee allowing participants to receive lifetime access to the content.

We’re creating full transcripts, audios and HD videos for download. Price point will probably be between £97-£297 depending on which of the products they purchase. All content will be made available via a membership portal.

We have a variety of topics that we would like to cover, they include:

  • Goal Setting and performance
  • Money management
  • Money mindset
  • Mental toughness and adversity
  • Social media marketing
  • Anxiety, fear and phobias
  • Clarity and focus
  • Business growth
  • Self-care and many more

This list is not exhaustive so please provide feedback and make suggestions. All sessions will be carefully curated to ensure the agenda is well-rounded and reduce any repetition.


  1. All speakers will have a unique affiliate link and can promote the event to their lists and on social media. Commission on ticket sales is 15%. You can have the choice to be paid or donate your commission to our charity that helps support people that have been affected by Covid-19.
  2. All speakers must have 5000 people on their list and be willing to promote the event to their list on two occasions (we will provide the blurb making it easier for you to promote the summit).
  3. To have a clear call to action during the interview (this needs to be agreed upon)
  4. We will be using the affiliate links to monitor performance and see that your links are functioning properly.

My Ask


Speakers will be able to contribute based on their business model as follows:

  • Invited to share a webinar on a topic relevant to their expertise and offering, their brand story and their lessons learned.
  • Come from a place of serving, giveaways, promotions and products are always well received provided it shows real value.
  • We will provide speakers with banners, links and web pages for promotion.
  • Each speaker to send a high res image of themselves, short bio (this may need to be edited for the copy) title of their talk and five benefits to participants.

Each session will be interview style and can be up to 60 minutes in duration.
All speakers will be provided with a choice of dates for their interview, onboarding including Zoom links and to establish a clear call to action before the session.

The interviews will be hosted by Adam Strong or Elliott Kay.

Speakers can sign up here

Want to become a Sponsor?

The aim is to showcase companies or contributors that can help our clients in these challenging times. As such sponsors will be asked to:

  1. Promote the event to their network and community
  2. Showcase solutions, products or services they may have (this might be advertising banners that sponsors will provide)
  3. Provide any promotional or marketing materials that we can use to add to our landing pages, videos and any other pages.

There is limited space to showcase sponsors with headline sponsors being noted on every email communication and more prominently on the web-page.

If you or your company are interested in sponsoring this event, please contact me here with the headline ‘Sponsorship’.


All speakers and non-speakers will be given a 15% commission against tickets sold via their affiliate link.

Any questions?

We’re building this out in real-time, so naturally you’ll have questions beyond this document, let’s jump on a call so we can see how we can work together, book a call here.

Thank you

Adam Strong


April 1st- Speakers applications open
April 6-19th- Interviews
Speakers applications close April 15th
April 20-27th- Promotion week
April 27th- Launch day
(Please note timelines is subject to change)

Apply Here