Don’t Be Afraid Of Being Judged By Others

This week’s episode is with James Roberts who is a former Paralympic Athlete competing in rowing and wheelchair basketball.

James was born with a congenital disability called femoral dysplasia where he had no femur bone. Despite this, he participated in full able body sports before transitioning to the Paralympics where he was an elite competitor representing Great Britain in several World Championships and the Paralympics in 2008 (Beijing) and 2012 (London).

James struggled to come to terms with his disability as a teenager, whereby in the hot spring and summer months in high school, he wouldn’t wear shorts.

It wasn’t until it dawned on him that the only person this was affecting was himself, so something had to change.

But in all these circumstances, he found a way of overcoming these hurdles.

He believes it is this mindset that set me up to win in later life and go on to represent his country at four World Championships amongst others as well as two Paralympics.

James is now an entrepreneur and online fitness and nutrition coach.

In this show we cover:

  • The struggles of self imagery that James faced having a disability when growing up
  • How your limiting beliefs can affect your mindset and confidence
  • The importance of creating a support system
  • Athletes are masters of getting in the zone, what the zone means and how James practiced to get into the zone for success.
  • Why it’s important to celebrate wins

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