About Adam Strong

Adam Strong is a business strategist, keynote speaker, bestselling author and host of The Business Strategist podcast. From overcoming childhood challenges to sharing stages with icons like John Travolta and Vanilla Ice, his life’s journey embodies transformaDon, resilience and a relentless drive for excellence

Once an aspiring athlete training alongside Sir Mo Farah, today he leverages over 30 years of insights as a business strategist to help entrepreneurs break free from their limitations and scale new heights. His entrepreneurial journey, beginning with finding lost golf balls as an 11-year-old to running an international consultancy, is a testament to his belief that extraordinary growth stems from a high-performance mindset coupled with continuous learning.

Adam specialises in accountability, clarity, direction, positioning, collaboration, peak performance, personal branding and marketing, and his mission is straightforward – guiding business leaders and owners from stagnation to exponential growth and impact. At the heart of his success are the principles of being result-driven, energetic, compassionate, and infusing fun and play into every endeavour.

As the host of The Business Strategist podcast, he delves into the minds of global leaders, entrepreneurs and disruptors, extracting and sharing knowledge to foster a community of high achievers. Adam’s Game Changers Inner Circle focuses on entrepreneurs leading six-figure businesses, who are often held back by fears and limiting practices. He provides foundational knowledge, challenges the status quo and offers fresh perspectives crucial for personal and professional growth.

A three times bestselling author and an impactful international speaker, he is recognised for his engaging, straight-talking style and commitment to fostering transformative growth in others.

“Life has taught me that every interaction is an opportunity to create meaningful connections. Whether it’s through intimate dinner gatherings, podcasting, video creation or networking, I cherish every story shared and every partnership formed. If you are ready to leap beyond the ordinary, seeking to transform not just your business but your entire way of being, let’s connect and explore the extraordinary paths we can forge together.”


“Adam loves to help people and combines his great understanding of their health needs with deep business insight to offer a unique formula for success – a formula that applies whether you’re starting out in your career, you’re a budding entrepreneur or you’re running a multinational organisation. If you want success in life, a sure way to get there is by helping others achieve their goals. Adam Strong is living proof of this philosophy. He walks the talk.”

Sharon Lechter, serial entrepreneur, master mentor and New York Times best-selling author of Rich Dad
Poor Dad and 22 other books, including Think And Grow Rich For Women.