Play The Game: How To Win In Today’s Changing Environment

Are you looking to create exponential growth in your business? Adam Strong’s internationally bestselling book Play The Game outlines 18 strategies from game-changing leaders and disruptors on how to break the cycle that stunts your business growth. Topics include franchising, the importance of speaking the same language, connection alchemy, elevating your leadership and much more.

“This is a book of stories about some of the most amazing people you will ever read about. They aren’t just people that Adam has found in Google searches; these are people he knows well, has coached and has helped grow into the kind of people we can all aspire to be. Their stories will help you write your story. In each chapter there is a lesson on living life with purpose and passion; that when you are true to yourself and who you are at your core, you can achieve great things in business and, more importantly, in life.”

– From the foreword by Chester Elton, leadership expert and New York Time and Wall Street Journal bestselling business author of The Carrot Principle, Leading With Gratitude and Anxiety At Work.

“Play The Game will radically change the way you see your business! Adam’s powerful stories and insights illustrate the true foundation of entrepreneurship. Read this book and start growing your business today!”

Marshall Goldsmith, pioneering leadership coach, Thinkers50 top-ranked executive coach and the world’s only two-time #1 Leadership Thinker

“As a business owner myself, I know too well what it feels like when you get stuck. Business is like a game: we often make it difficult for ourselves and therefore need a new perspective. The stories in this book highlight what entrepreneurship stands for. If you want to take your business to the next level, then this book is a must read.”

– Tracey Smolinksi, founder of Introbiz, co-founder of IWOW (Inspirational Women of the World) and author of Master Networking

“I’ve read hundreds of business books over the years and one thing is for sure: this book covers all of the points you will need to run a successful business and maintain a positive mindset. There are some immutable laws of success in life and business. This book covers those laws in one way or another and your job is to hunt them down and then action them.”

Ash Lawrence, sports psychologist, business owner and founder of the Millionaire Mindset and ABC Network

Fit Body Fit Business: 10 Olympic Champion Winning Techniques for Building a Gold Medal-Worthy Business

Fit Body Fit Business is the updated version of Adam’s first book, Move It Or Lose It. It explains how a little physical fitness can result in a lot of business fitness by enabling you and your employees to generate more energy and focus. It will also help you discover how your organisation can became faster, more agile, more efficient and more competitive. Reach new heights you never thought possible by implementing the same goal-setting techniques that elite world-class champions use to achieve top 1% record-breaking performance levels.

“This book offers solutions to a whole array of different issues that can afflict us – stress and burn-out, negative thinking and low energy, lifestyle challenges such as poor diet, and physical problems such as poor posture. Fit Body Fit Business is an operator’s manual that empowers you to ‘own’ your health choices, wants and aspirations. It’s ideal for everyone in business today, whether you’re a senior executive, budding entrepreneur or starting out in your own company, or a human resources director or someone running their own company. Use it as a guide to achieve the success you want. If you do this, I know you will get the most out of your life and achieve the success that you so richly deserve.”

– From the foreword by Sharon Lechter, serial entrepreneur, master mentor and New York Times best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and 22 other books, including Think And Grow Rich For Women