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How To Become More Authentic

In today’s episode of ‘Power Up Thursdays’, Adam Strong discusses how to become more authentic.


  1. Why society mold themselves around making others happy
  2. Why we are constantly worried about what others think about us and the detrimental effects it has on our life
  3. How social media has impacted us in creating false masks of who we really are not
  4. How to establish your life purpose and aligning your values
  5. How to express yourself that makes you feel more connected and happy


This show is hosted by Ultra-High Personal Productivity Authority, Business Strategist, Former Elite Athlete, Author and Public Speaker Adam Strong.

He currently runs 2 different businesses and enjoys working with business owners and entrepreneurs of small to medium sized companies. Adam is a Former Elite Athlete that trained with Olympic and World Champion Sir Mo Farah for 3 years. He takes the same skill-set that he learned as an elite athlete to teach his clients on how to create high performance, increased productivity and growth. He is the author of two books ‘Move it or lose it’ and ‘Fit body fit business’. Both written for business owners and teams that want their businesses to excel and to accelerate faster, quicker and become more focused.

He has been featured on the front cover of Influential People, Global Man and Steer Magazines, BBC radio, the Huffington post and in People Management magazine just to mention a few. He has interviewed influencers and thought leaders such as Jack Canfield, Dr John Demartini, Bob Burg, Olympic athletes and sports personalities such Neil Fachie, Jonathan Horton and Kate Strong. He has shared the stage with celebrities such as John Travolta, Vanilla Ice, Calvin Klein, 50 cent and Dr Nido Qubein.

The Game Changers Experience will take your life and business to the next level as part of our mission of serving entrepreneurial communities globally and impact 100,000 entrepreneurs to become a game changer.


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