How Fast Should We Grow? Increasing Speed in Your Business

How to Increase Speed in Your Business I was recently asked to briefly consult and mastermind with the senior board members of a financial firm. They had enjoyed some growth over a number of years but were experiencing a plateau in that growth. The Board were bickering, causing conflict, and I was surprised to find […]

Why is Fear Paralysing Your Business Part 1

Why is fear paralysing your business? Over the past few weeks, I have come across more and more examples of how fear becomes the Ultimate culture killer! I’m a big football fan, which has changed so much over the past 10 years with foreign investors taking over clubs and turning them into business enterprises. Football […]

Is Slow Decision Making Killing Your Business?

Slow Decision Making Could be Killing Your Business! I have meet many business owners, entrepreneurs and decision makers of big corporate companies over the years and I’m always interested in finding out how they grow their companies to see if I can use some of their strategies to grow my own. However what I have […]